Pikes Peak Women are involved in creating action around many issues, and has provided platforms to address healthcare reform, pay equity, community innovation and investment, along with facilitating the meaningful contribution of women at all levels of business, government and community. It does so collaboratively, both by creating dynamic opportunities to engage directly, and by supporting other organizations and agencies that conduct similar work.

Speaker Programs | From our debut program featuring Lilly Ledbetter in 2013, we recognize and value the contributions of women at the highest levels of public policy and activism. We are continuously seeking and pursuing opportunities to invite high-powered influencers to present their remarks in Southern Colorado.

Endorsements | Candidates for elected office in the region may be invited to interview with Pikes Peak Women, to seek the group’s formal endorsement in those bids. Issue-specific ballot initiatives may also be reviewed and considered for support.

Legislative Focus | Through ongoing review of relevant topics, Pikes Peak Women routinely monitors public policy at all levels, then shares the details of those deliberations – and their impacts – widely.

Political Training & Engagement | The deliberate recruitment and support of women in leadership positions is a critical, primary focus of Pikes Peak Women, along with targeted efforts to actively work on issues that make a difference throughout the region.

Community Advancement | Collaborating widely with stakeholders, Pikes Peak Women support local initiatives to improve the image and brand identity of the region through strategic planning, civic engagement and activism.