Community Engagement Fair: June 6

Learn about issues that people across El Paso County are working on and engage with an organization addressing an issue that affects you. Download a flyer and save the date!

Organizations have been invited to host a booth at this event, to engage with interested women from the community who are looking for opportunities to continue their activism by working on issues that the organization supports. They’ll bring materials and information about meaningful engagement to help you donate, volunteer, and advocate in both digital and real-world spaces.

There is no cost to participate but organizations must … 1) identify your issue from the list below, and … 2) RSVP by Thursday, May 18 to reserve your space.  A limited number of spots are available (set with 1 table and 2 chairs per issue), and you’ll need to commit to full staffing and sufficient handout materials throughout the event. Download a detailed flyer, then help us facilitate a collision of activist opportunities and empowered women at the Community Engagement Fair at Library 21C, 5:30-7:30 on Tuesday, June 6.

! Choose your issue !
1. Women’s Rights
2. Women’s Healthcare
3. Civil Rights (racial, sex/gender)
4. Environment
5. LGBT Protections
6. Supreme Court Appointments
7. Public Education
8. Suppression of the Media/Freedom of Information
9. Immigration
10. Homelessness/Poverty
11. Hate Crimes/Hate Speech
12. Arts Funding
13. Law Enforcement/Use of Power
14. Leadership of Women
15. Voting Rights
16. Freedom of Speech/Fake News
17. Economy/Jobs
18. Marijuana

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