logo_pprm#standIn addition to heartfelt gratitude for the work of our heroic first responders on Black Friday, Pikes Peak Women would like to re-iterate its thanks to Planned Parenthood for everything it does for our community. The critical importance of its many healthcare services for women and men across our region has not been overlooked, and we welcome the re-opening of the clinic’s doors in the very near future.

We acknowledge the outstanding leadership role taken on by PPRM over the years, since many of us have firsthand experience with the medical and educational benefits of its work – both as young women, and as we age and continue to rely on those services today.  We recognize the high value of resources offered by your clinic, and are keenly aware of the hardship that so many will face as they seek support from other local providers or try to have their needs met in Denver.

We are devastated by the loss of life, as well as the longer term pain and anguish that has traumatized our city and your brave staff. The added interruption of critical programs and healthcare services presents serious complications in Southern Colorado but, throughout them all, we support you and are grateful for your resilience. — Pikes Peak Women

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